Welcome to the Washington University Center for Pediatric Neuromuscular Disorders

We provide compassionate, leading-edge care, state-of-the-art treatment, precision medicine and research opportunities to children diagnosed with neuromuscular diseases.

To make an appointment, call 314-362-6981.

Patient care

The pediatric neuromuscular clinical team is a group of experienced professionals committed to the compassionate care of children with neuromuscular diseases. Our focus is on evidence-based treatments and the development of innovative therapies for neuromuscular disorders. Taking a holistic approach, we ensure both patients and their families receive the care they need.  

Working in a combined clinic setting, we offer collaborative appointments so families can see multiple specialists in one visit.  In addition to neuromuscular specialists, our clinics include specialists in physical therapy, mobility devices, orthotics, nursing care and social work.  We also offer a  combined clinic to bring together specialists in neurology, cardiology, pulmonology and bone health. This multidisciplinary partnership extends to orthopedic specialists, geneticists, psychologists and nutritionists to ensure complete care for our patients and their families.


Our team is on a quest to improve the lives of individuals with neuromuscular disorders. As part of a nationally recognized research hospital, we are leaders in clinical trials investigating potential treatments for neuromuscular diseases. This research includes the development of gene-modifying therapies for spinal muscular atrophy and Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  

We participated in numerous pivotal clinical trials for groundbreaking therapeutics that are now FDA-approved. Our extensive clinical research positions us at the forefront of newly approved therapeutics, placing us among the first US centers to administer FDA-approved therapies for children with neuromuscular conditions. We currently are participating in over 15 clinical research trials in pediatric neuromuscular disorders. Further, our neuromuscular pathology lab is a world leader in nerve and muscle biopsy pathology and antibody testing for neuromuscular disorders.